Anke Teuscher

Anke Teuscher (Germany)

Title: Stronger than Death is Love
Medium: Collage/Assemblage/Mixed Media
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 270€

Especially last year was full of losses and grief, worldwide and for me personally. I also lost a beloved person, this is her wedding picture.
The metal ring, a kind of oversized wedding ring, is a symbol for eternity and for the circle of life. Desperation and hope, beauty and transience, sadness and joy, life and death, they all form a unity.

I deliberately crumpled the linen to emphasise the fact that the fabric is worn and a bit faded, just like the vintage photography and the memories.

Being a mixed media collagist has the great advantage that I can use every kind of material and various techniques; basically there are no limits, no restrictions.
In order to create new and unusual Art Objects I have been experimenting in years with Glass Fusing, Photography, Painting, Ceramics, Felt, Papier-mâché, Jewellery, Woodcut, Sculpture and Verre Églomisé Technique.

Inspired by the European Tradition of “Guckkästen”, a sort of peep-box, a small peep-show cabinet showing 3-d-images, combining e.g. real images with phantasy and lots of different material.

My aim is to fuse elements of painting, photography and sculpture in order to create a new entity. I have been working intensively on this interdisciplinary approach for several years now.

I prefer small or medium squares as a harmonic picture size. It is a kind of challenge to create a completed story in a very limited space.
I love to improvise and to try out new techniques, new materials and styles.