Valerie O’Regan COMPASS

Valerie O’Regan

Title: Vertical Landscape
Medium: Cyanotype Print wall hanging ,bamboo paper ,hand coloured with wild bilberry,rusty nail,turmeric and red cabbage ink.
Dimensions: L x376 cm W x 37.5 cm
Price: $1050 AUD

Vertical landscape is a wall hanging made from a series of cyanotype prints on bamboo paper, curved around a wooden dowel, and hung with string. This is one of a series of four Vertical landscapes.I used bamboo paper for its strength and durability but also for its lightness, it takes the cyanotype solution very well and creates lovely tones depending on how saturated the paper is with emulsion.
The hand-coloured inks are from found and foraged pigments of wild bilberry, Himalayan honeysuckle berries, nettles, and rusty nails sourced on route.
Images are inspired by my four-mile route from Innellan Pier to Ardyne in South Cowal that encompasses numerous remnants of past lives, the coastline weaves between past and present intermingling with rockface fissures that protrude and curve, change colour and composition depending on what side of the Faultline your feet are at.
Small tiny significant lichens colonise in clusters on the shingle stretch, along seawalls and discarded substrata. The salt laden winds and shifting ground is colonised by micro vegetation all shades and shapes from deep green to grey, white, sprawling horizontally close to ground or rising tall and thin supported in clumps.
Overhead as the light moves the sound of gulls, carrion crows and the hum drum and wash of waves as the Isle of Bute boats transit the sea from Island to mainland.

About Val:
I am a multidisciplinary visual artist and socially engaged artist practitioner. I collaborate, exhibit and sell my artwork locally, nationally and internationally. My practice has always been inspired by the natural environment exploring the conceptual and material interpretation of landscapes. My imagery is site responsive. My intention is to characterise and articulate the experience of ‘place’ in a specific moment in time as I move within in, gathering imprints both physical and experiential. The environment breathes, consumes, and narrates.
Currently I have four ongoing projects Seed – Plant – Share is my research into harvesting natural dye pigments from plants. From Fleece to Felt is my exploration into using local raw fleece from sheep farmed in Glen Massan, Dunoon, with local natural dyes to create interior & wearable adornments and Salt Water Lumens is my exploration into Lumen alternative photography with natural saltwater fixer funded by The Richard and Siobhán Coward Foundation Award for Analogue photography. Wood Lithography also known as Mokolitho, a lithography technique using a wood matrix that encompasses my love of mark making and print, funded by Creative Scotland.