Vacation Nation

Let’s take a holiday from the world -Together …apart…

Art Aviso Artists were supplied with a page from a 1950’s National Geographic Magazine selected at random, which was to act as the basis of an artwork for exhibition in an evolving online project.

Here is how they responded…

Giuseppe Satriani
Valerie O’Regan
Jennifer Baird
Christina Wigmore
Johannes Lenzgeiger
Paulina Campos
Lucinda Nicholas
Hans van Weerd
Arabella Strachan
Athenie Leckey – SOLD
Damien Veal
Jo Court
Alison Robinson
Phil Scott
Meraki Vagary
Simone Alesich
Roma McLaughlin
Fatima Fletcher
Leanne Booth
Séverine Bourgeois
Mariona Clavé
Sheena Mathieson
Sarah Walker
Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper
Iratxe Yarritu C.
Louise D’Amico
Lucy Wood
Christopher Russell
Anne Kwasner
Jo Roszkowski
Rosalie Duligal
Helen Braun
Monika Lorenz