Susan Lowe

Susan Lowe (Australia)

Title: Deceased
Medium: Fabric and wood
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$200

Loss is often immensely personal and involves various stages of grieving. Association with objects can conjure up memories that may have laid dormant. Notices associated with death are usually formal and edged with black. Lace and jewellery pieces can form strong associations with the deceased. This piece was created in remembrance of a female family member.

A multimedia artist who enjoys the challenge of responding to different themes and contexts. My process is usually direct and spontaneous. I have a background in teaching and design and have been making art since my childhood, following in my parent’s footsteps who were ‘Sunday’ artists. Art materials were always available and I found art would absorb my attention for hours. As an adult I still find this to be so.