Simone Alesich

Simone Alesich-

Title : The Boat / Towards

Medium: Mixed media sculpture

Price : AUD 500

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

The provided image from 1953 states: “Head Baskets, Heavily Laden but Delicately Posed, Free West Indian Hands for Other Uses”. Inspired by the soaring head baskets of the image of three women from Trinidad and Tobago, this sculpture captures the volume and upwards trajectory of the baskets, their decorative and sculptural quality, the bright colours of the clothes worn by those in the image and the fruit they carry, and a reference to sea-faring for people living on small islands. The sculpture is simultaneously a basket, a hat and a boat. While being inspired by the provided image from the magazine, this sculpture also references my work elsewhere in the creation of imagined worlds and landscapes. The sculpture uses reclaimed materials – an old basket and a worn out shirt, along with raffia, a plant material, and small amounts of covered wire. It combines my sculptural practice with my textile practice.

About Simone:

Simone Alesich is a mixed media artist and jeweller. She works in a range of textiles, wood and botanic sculpture, photography and collage, using various natural and found materials. Simone is passionate about sustainability, and inspired by natural forms as well as Japanese aesthetics. With a background in anthropology, her artworks are informed by the diverse art and cultural practices of the places where she has lived and travelled. Her artworks often explore the theme of imagined worlds, as well as reflecting on the natural environment.

Simone has led and helped organise numerous community art projects in Brunswick, including a Lent Project and an Advent Project in 2016, the ‘What is Creativity’ exhibition in 2017, the ‘Let the Earth Speak’ exhibition in 2019 and the ‘Emergence’ exhibition in 2021. She was a participant in the Brunswick Studio Walk in 2018. Simone was a project space artist at NorthCity4 in 2018-19. She is currently part of the Pink Ember art community.