Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker (Australia)

Title: Leaf Litter
Medium: Hand drawn leaves in ink, hand knitted leaves, embroidery
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$80

‘Leaf Litter’ is a study of the things that go unnoticed, the things underfoot.
Australian eucalypts continually shed leaves creating a beautiful patchwork. If you look carefully there is a pelthora of colours, textures and shapes- the freshly lost, the damaged, the decaying. Only by casting your eyes down and focussing your attention on the details will these wonders triumph.

Sarah Walker is a textile artist from rural Western Australia. Working primarily with knitting and recycled materials, Sarah produces art work that reflect the natural world that she enjoys and often reflects her concern for human impacts on the environment. For Sarah, knitting has become a medium for expressing creativity. She enjoys solving problems, breaking a few of those knitting rules and producing the unexpected.