Samantha Sadik

Samantha Sadik (Australia)

Title: Polaroid
Medium: photo printing , stitching , applique
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$95

My garden is the outback of Western Australia , wide open spaces , barren lands covered in burnt red dirt and the bones of animals past .. this is the place i come to find myself again to face loss and pain ..
To see yourself as only a small part of this of this vast world ..
i have used photography taken from numerous trips , digitally layered on top of each other and manipulated to create the scene , includes an image of me walking down the great northern HWY , completely free !!!

SaDik is an 2nd generation multi-media artist, leaving school half way through year eleven to follow her passion in fashion and arts . Trained in Fashion and textiles and experience in the industry, with well over 15 years practising and exploring into her craft and pushing the boundaries of normal application and methods, including photography, Her work is personal and emotional, yet with such depth and range of technique that it speaks to all. Her oeuvre is wide-ranging, with forays into texture-rich mixed media pieces. channeling all her life experience into pieces of astounding emotional depth, expressed through a wide range of technically sound pieces. Incorporating colour and texture in many different ways, she is largely self-taught, yet born to art, as her mother is a successful artist, albeit of a very different style. I’ve lived some life, more than you might think when first meeting me. Good and bad, positive and negative, it all goes into my art. You can see tt in the range of my pieces, they mirror my moods, my highs and lows. I love going out into the bush, getting away from it all in the Australian bush, so harsh and unforgiving but breathtakingly beautiful.