Rosalie Duligal

Rosalie Duligal-

Title : Kids on Vacation

Medium: Lino Print, French Inks on Fabriano Paper

Price : AUD 200

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

My inspiration came from this page I was given by Artaviso, was from The National Geographic Magazine.
I have been creating works about how it is affecting children in lock down.
How they miss the interaction with children from having to stay at home and be home schooled.
The hard Black and white rules that we all had to follow have never been heard of in our lifetime.
I was told from mothers their children worry and sometimes would ask if they were going to die.
We realize that children do take in their surrounding and do have a voice.
So, I choose to make a happy ink print of children on Vacation and titled it “Kids on Vacation”.
I feel it has a story book feel, and a happiness that all is now back to normal in the world.

About Rosalie:

I am a practicing artist. I am creating in my own studio most days of the week. I love to creating and experimenting with all kinds of projects. Artviso gives artist the opportunity to share what artist works we have on offer. I am multi disciplinary artist and work in ceramics, painting, and printmaking. Having trained in all fields I feel very blessed that I can create what I have in my imagination. My mind is always full of whimsical ideas , and I try to express the joys of life through my art practice. I have been in my studio in lockdown enjoying the time producing art that sometimes I have not had the time to complete. I am thankful at this time that I have art to be my main interest in life and it has given me a joy and a passion that is on going and proves to me art in never ending.