Aneta Bozic


Seddon, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Drawing, Painting, Paper Art, Photography, Sculpture

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Artist statement

No action or presence stands alone, in isolation. We all connect to others in some way. The balance in this interaction and connection with nature seems to be skewed too often at the expense of nature. A growing awareness of the long term impact we are having on the natural environment is increasing attempts to minimise the negative effects, and focus on the positive connections with nature.

This body of work explores these impacts in both concept and process. It uses locally sourced and handmade organic materials and tools, limiting use of pre-made, processed and conventional materials. It experiments with the handmade, the foraged, the imperfect and the organic. It uses processes of steaming, grinding, ripping, detailed and abstract mark making, paper making and eco-printing to express both the constructive
and destructive impressions of our relationship to nature.

Some of the materials used include, but are not limited to: jacaranda flowers, eucalyptus leaves, flowering maple, jasmine vine, green walnuts, roses, mulberry, smoke bush, thistle, red cabbage, onions, herbs, various berries, and all sorts of weeds; bamboo, twigs, feathers and hair; crushed earth, charcoal, twine, vines and wine, and recycled frames. These materials were used to create inks and pigments, in paper making and
eco printing and mark making tools.

These exploration of these processes was just as an important part of the work as the final pieces. There were just as many experiments and tangents, discarded or put aside for another day as those that were follow though. The final work is not about perfection or completion but about the ongoing process of trying to stay connected, in some sort of balance, with nature.