Valentina Tansley


Maldon, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Painting, Printmaking, Contemporary, Collage

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Artist statement

As an urban based artist and surface designer I find visual inspiration for my work all around me. I find beauty in urban decay, built heritage, architectural character and the random juxtaposition of shapes and objects within the built landscape. Themes I explore in my work include ethical consumption and personal inheritance.

I am primarily a mixed-media artist and choose to work with paper as a starting point for all my work. I enjoy the tactility of paper, the subtle differences in it’s feel and workability. The techniques I use in my work include torn and cut paper collage, gouache painting, gold leaf and transfer prints.  

My work is sometimes very abstract and at other times more literal. However, it is always bold, graphic and dramatic in style. I strive to make art that is not only conceptually strong but also visually satisfying. I take pride in beautiful mark making and creating complex patterned works of art that captivate the observer.

I'm interested in exhibiting my work as well as working on specific project briefs.