Susan Lowe


Hawthorn, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Drawing, Multi Media Art, Painting, Photography, Printmaking

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Mid career


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Artist statement

Artist’s Statement

My art practice revolves around the use of multiple mediums – presently I am very interested in printmaking techniques and as subject matter, the natural environment. Previous to this I concentrated on acrylic painting and looked to the built environment and interiors as subject matter.

I also dabble with collage and enjoy making small jewellery objects which I sell at a local gallery.

I have been making art since my childhood, following in my parent’s footsteps who were recreational artists. Art materials were always available and I found that making art would absorb my attention for hours. I was also encouraged by receiving numerous art prizes in my youth.

I enjoy working in series and with my dogged personality I find it satisfying to exhaust one line of visual inquiry before I commence a new approach, although, often times I have several ideas on the boil at once.  My process is usually direct and it only takes one or two sketches before work commences, and this is directly onto the canvas. Reduction linoleum prints take longer in the planning stages and require a more disciplined approach.

I like the challenge of working to a theme or a restricted size and medium but also enjoy creating a body of work that stylistically ‘hangs together’.