Helene Boyer


Invermay, Australia

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Sculpture, Contemporary

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Artist statement

After a three decade career as an educator which included initiating and leading arts projects and mentoring artists across northern Tasmania, I began the journey of a self-taught glass artist. I retired from education in 2013, became focused on my arts practice and established my workspace at the Tin Shed Artist Studios in Launceston in 2014, primarily utilising flame-working (where glass rods and tubes are melted in the flame of a special gas-fired torch) but I also create pate de verre (paste of glass) vessels and forms by firing glass powders and small granules in the kiln, for example the Larapuna (Bay of Fires) bowls series.  The glass is specially produced for flame-workers and kiln formers and is imported from Europe or the USA. 

I produce sculptures that are usually smaller in scale but I encourage the viewer to look closer and to wonder at often overlooked beauty in nature.  I seek to exploit glass’s unique physical properties, relishing the challenge of creating intricate organic forms in such a fragile material, exploiting its malleability and translucence, creating texture and colour layers by sandblasting and adding pencil and glass paints to both borosilicate and soft glass that has been shaped by hand in flame.

Glass is a fascinating and challenging medium with unique physical qualities - when heated it assumes a flowing 'liquid' form which can be cut, bent and shaped and then cools to a 'solid'.  It can be fragile yet robust. I love its transparence and translucence, the way it can capture light and transform colours; colour is a significant aspect of my work.

I am committed to celebrating and valuing the complexity and beauty of the natural world and also choose to use imagery from nature to comment on contemporary issues and to raise environmental awareness.  My sculptural work combines flame-worked glass with glass paints, kiln-fired glass, clay, concrete, acrylic or found objects. Since 2016 I have been creating domed assemblages containing flame-worked glass and mixed media including a series on Tasmanian marine environments and another series about imagined ‘exotic botanicals’.

My major preoccupation is sculptural forms but I have also created an ongoing range of jewellery in flame-worked glass and sterling silver.  I view my jewellery as small sculptures and never make two beads the same.