Donna Malone


newmarket, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Drawing, Illustration, Painting

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

My art practise is focused on drawing and collage on paper, utilizing available resources in an instinctive and driven way.

I draw out and about capturing the moment and then collage in my studio afterwards using the marks I made from the energy beforehand. I use tearing, cutting, gluing and stapling to make the work. I deconstruct and construct quickly and restlessly but over a long period of time, putting away or seeing it in a new light somehow. I am searching for the unexpected, the narrative, the quirky...

I am concerned with the edge, all sides, the weight and the texture of the papers I use. I use paper from a wide range of places, from mundane packaging material to specially imported handmade papers.

I am endeavouring to communicate aliveness, spirit and opportunity in my art.

I love spending time in natural environments for being in the energy of place.