Catherine Stringer


Hobart, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Painting, Paper Art, Sculpture

Art level career

Mid career

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Artist statement

My aim is to make authentic art that speaks directly to the viewer on a deep emotional or spiritual level.

I have always felt an affinity with water and the sea, which nurtures and stimulates my creativity. Water has an almost unlimited potential for narrative and metaphor, and hence unlimited potential as a source of inspiration

I paint underwater-scapes and underwater figures using oil or acrylic paints. In addition I make handmade paper artworks from seaweed and other plant materials. These works can also be viewed as paintings, with pulp as the paint medium.

Islands have always appealed to me, surrounded as they are by so much water. A residency on King Island in 2011 has had a profound and lasting influence on my work, and during a residency in Iceland in 2017 I was able to pursue new ideas and directions in my work.

During Covid I have been very busy and productive, with many new projects. I have built a fresh new website, held an successful online exhibition 'Penguin Parade', filmed myself for a documentary film "Watcha Doin' Today" which follows the responses of artists during the lockdowns, and extended my seaweed papermaking work further to make 3 dimensional sculptural artworks.