Sylvia Galos


Eisenstadt, Austria

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Artist statement

I paint because I have to.

I start my paintings without an idea, without intention. Guided by impulses, images are created from spontaneous brush strokes that often remain in this form. Others experience change - diffuses become concrete, concrete abstract. An accent in a complementary color or a meditative Zen line finalizes the image after usually long pauses in processing and critical considerations. Often I calm the picture with white, so that only more fragments remain, but the layers underneath can be guessed.
For me, painting means dealing with my innermost self: with feelings, doubts, longings and the complexity of my personality. I fight for the courage to follow my innermost self, which is always looking for something new and does not want to remain faithful to any style, only to itself.
I would like to give the viewer the opportunity to search for traces and to find his individual associations and interpretations. Usually without a title, my paintings therefore give no indication of any associations.
I feel lucky when my pictures become mediators of the unspeakable in conversation with the viewer.