Marina Chamberlain



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Collage, Contemporary, Multi Media Art, Painting

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Artist statement

I work  mainly in collage and mixed media, where often a collage composition will form the basis for my mixed media paintings.  

My inspiration comes from many sources:  my surroundings, nature, my travels and from my background in horticulture.  My involvement with garden design has emerged as a prominent theme in much of my artwork.  I love the variety of shapes and colours the garden image can provide.

My process involves layering synthetic polymer paint with other mark-making mediums, which together with a selection of collage elements  give complexity and depth to the surface of the work.  This intuitive process gives me the freedom to express my subjects through memory and the imagination.  One element with inspire the next culminating in a harmonious work that captures the spirit of the subject.  

I hope my imaginative compositions and use of colour and texture  are as joyous and uplifting to the viewer as they are to me.

Currently I am a member of the Creativity Cluster group of artists exhibiting in and around Melbourne.   

My Instagram profiles:    @marinachamberlaincollage   @marinachamberlainart