Sonia Stewart


Clontarf, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Multi Media Art, New Media, Painting, Photography

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Artist statement

I started my figurative paintings with china ink, painting female portraits that I would find in glossy magazines. I then carried on painting portraits with oils. I fell in love with the smooth forgiving slow pace medium and I followed my inspiration flicking through magazines. As a photographer it did not take long before I focussed on painting my own existing photographs, changing my main subject from women to my two boys. Next step I actually started staging my photos with them, exploring new perspectives and dimensions. After a decade of painting I now realise I never tried to say anything with my paintings, but it was rather my paintings that tried to say something to me. From the beginning up to today, the thread in my work consisted in turmoil,  anguish, bewilderment and strength. It seems I have followed a path which started with me as an accomplished woman but full of doubt and fear, antichronologically back to it be a tormented childhood or a momentarily joyful one. I am now having a go at digital work with photoshop, loving the endless possibilities to merge all my artistic skills. As I feel more confident in my art, I am on the constant lookout for new opportunities, competitions, local exhibitions, feeling a deep urge for new challenges!