Stella Pfeiffer


Kriens, Switzerland

Preferred artistic medium

Drawing, Installation Art, Multi Media Art, Painting, Performance

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Artist statement

My main working medium is drawing. But I also work with colours, mainly in mixed techniques and different printing techniques. Recently  I also work with installation.

I am inspired by nature. I am fascinated by landscapes, the sky, mountains, rock formations and simple stones and, of course, many other things I find and see in my environment. For several years I have been working with simple stones and with them, I have worked out different work cyrcles, on which I continue to work, develop and expand continuously.

I often work in small formats, process-oriented and associative. During the creative process, memories of what I have seen, experiences, imagination and fantasy play an important role in the creation of images. I do not work figuratively, but abstractly. I do not make sketches or studies. Each work is created on the picture carrier from the respective moment.

My drawings are characterized by tension-filled moments of movement, in which the most diverse forces manifest themselves in fragile equilibria: In terms of content, I deal with the sensual perception of reality, which is constantly changing and cannot be captured.  The perception is always fragmentary, although the senses think they can recognize a whole. The "world" and that which I, as a draftswoman, perceive from it, translate into pictures and make visible, is thus a moving space-time structure on the picture carrier, which enables new, individual references and resonance spaces, i.e. extensive fields of association for the viewer.

I never do the same thing too often. In the course of time I have developed different visual languages and my artistic work is characterized by a wide range of diversity. My artistic work is influenced by surrealism, naive art and abstract expressionism. Important artists for me are Paul Klee, Alberto Giacometti, Meret Oppenheim, Cy Twombly, Joan Miro, Teruko Yokoi, René Magritte, Agnes Martin, Franz Kline, Wassily Kandinsky and others.