Mary Harrison


Stockport, United Kingdom

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Drawing, Painting

Art level career

Mid career

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Artist statement

The work is abstract. I paint locally-made watercolours onto Indian handmade Khadi paper.

The forms are made by fine pencil lines taking themselves for a walk on the page (we all love Miro!)  The colour puts itself where it wants to go. The artist can be a conduit for what then appears.

I feel that the work is fed by my daily suburban walks, where the enjoyment is in discovering new sights, shapes, colour combinations. This is then expressed as a type of meditation back in the studio in the garden.

I enjoy the way the rough paper and sensual watercolours respond to each other, and that somehow the two cultures combine. It feels pretty organic and sustainable to work like this, which can’t be a bad thing at this time.

Every day produces something fresh and different. That’s why I keep working and exploring. It is all interesting and dynamic and I hope the joy of that communicates itself to a wider audience.

I am open to considering all sorts of online exhibition and project opportunities.

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