Chrissie McDonald


Mount Eliza, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Drawing, Illustration, Painting, Photography, Traditional

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Artist statement

When I retired seven years ago I started painting and drawing.
I paint best when I am happy and focused. Sometimes when painting I feel I am applying paint like my mother. It seems I am channeling her. I don't believe in that sort of spiritually. It must be from watching her throughout my childhood.
My work is thematic and am currently working on two. The first focusing on my family’s ancestors who arrived in Australia on the First and Second Fleets as convicts and later settled in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains NSW and North East Victoria. My second is focused on the impact of colonisation and climate change on our Natural Systems. Interweaved through these themes is the terrible trauma inflicted on Aboriginal people since colonisation.
Messages are subtle within my works and often require explanation to unpack.
I am exploring a variety of styles and techniques. My photography informs my work which is a juxtaposition of many images with elements of imagination. Landscapes and figurative work are my dominant genres. I work with acrylics and when I draw I use many materials. 

My studio was a child’s bedroom, so relatively small, but I can still paint large canvases and run small painting classes.