Dan Moulton


Marsden Park, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Drawing, Illustration, Painting

Art level career


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Artist statement

Art for me is a chance to give a small humble invitation to willing and simple hearts. Hopefully hand out a bit of joy, playfulness and wonder but first it's an invitation to enter another world and explore. I'm in love with colour, with light and and simple everyday things and places that can speak of a deeper experience, humanity, our daily struggle and the eternal. Simple things like the vastness of the ocean or the deserts endless sky or the simple pleasure of sitting on grass watching a sunset or walking a hill at night with a child in hand and a sliver of moon above. At times I also like the slightly absurd (opposed to the completely absurd) a picture about a place or a circumstance that one might wish was true but isn't quite in this world. 

As a lover of colour I create my art using colours inks on paper which I find to have some of the most astonishing vibrancy of any paper medium. I have dabbled with other mediums but I always seem to come back as colour whispers to me and the permanence of the technique and the medium is now my comfortable place. It is the medium that allows me my best chance at getting my head onto the paper. 

I make my Art because all around me is creativity which has something to say about us and what we are doing and the absurd and mysterious nature of our existence and I humbly desire to be involved in that interaction and speak visually to the life I am walking through. 

There are many things I want to communicate through my art and they change all the time as I find myself confronted or excited or overwhelmed by what I encounter. But a few things stand out as ever present principles that flow through most of what I want to do. I want my art to speck of life and that life is worth fighting for and celebrating. That a single moment in time, an encounter with wonder, the utter joy or sadness of knowing we are alive, that touch of another human, the kiss from a child the smallness we feel when we think of the universe is utterly worth being apart of and helping others to be apart of. 

I am open to most opportunities that will fit in with a busy married life full of kids and that are about loving people and inspiring people to wholeness, joy and the embrace of life.