Christopher Russell


Mont Albert North, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Ceramics, Collage, Contemporary, Drawing, Illustration, Multi Media Art, Mural Art, New Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Sound Artist, Traditional

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Mid career


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Artist statement

The Wonderment or Wondermental.
What and How: Since the early 80's I have worked mainly in oils or acrylic paint and mixed media on paper. I like the way paint soaks into and spreads over the surface of paper then dries rapidly, allowing fresh brush marks to be dragged across the surface leaving a rough track. These days I work mostly in acrylic because it is fast drying and forces me to make quick decisions, however, I can envisage a change to stinky oil paint sometime soon.

Why and What: While recovering from surgeries that have required months of rehab, patience, and pain management I have become a social or cultural anthropologist of the sort. I have learned to cope with a more sedentary approach to life and that provides time to observe events and change. My attraction to absurdity and ironic situations dominate the subject matter in my artwork. Ideas are triggered by my take on recent experiences and places visited. I have been translating my quirky recollections to painting, drawings, and photography. So for now, I refer to this period as 'My Pathway' because I am documenting my journey towards wellness or old age through the creation of artwork. 

Most ideas developed during this time have revealed themselves in the silence of the night when you can listen to your thoughts and be free from the background of daily chatter. 
I can no longer paint fashionable work to be liked or recognized. That would be pathetic now. Some times I am mindless and that leads my ideas. Creating mindless things in a mindless environment.

Almost all of my artwork is colourful, energetic, rhythmic like a piece of music and can be chaotic with calm segments. It is like life. In life, you cannot have calm all the time because the inner world and the exterior world will not permit it.

Work: If opportunities, like a chance to exhibit work, create a mural, accept a commission, or participate in a group show arise, that would be great. I maintain a range of art media skills and thankfully due to my former work as a visual arts-media educator and graphic designer, I had the chance to develop digital/multimedia skills from the early '90 to present. 
Over the last three years, I have been creating a series of paintings that will end up as a return solo show. However, this will require energy and mobility to get my show organised.

So, I hope, this makes me useful if I get to work on group art projects sometime in the future.

Christopher Russell - nickname - Xristo, artist, and musician.