Leanne Booth


BOWRAL, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Drawing, Multi Media Art, Painting, Sculpture

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Artist statement

Leanne Booth is a full-time working artist who has a studio in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  From this base she works to create original paintings and artworks for entry into prizes, solo and group exhibitions and private commissions.  

Leanne's painting style ranges from contemporary realism through to abstract.  She works predominantly with acrylics, inks and mixed media, in layers, and her paintings often begin as a random idea or set of paint strokes, which evolve until the image triggers a memory of an experience or place visited. 

Over the years Leanne has learnt to disregard the rules and work experimentally with multiple media, and loves the buzz and excitement of surprise results.   "I still bounce between realism and abstract,  but my favourite pieces are the abstract ones, with elements in them that engage with the viewer and I am thrilled when a new narrative is seen within a work -  I don't necessarily want to label based on my own." says Leanne.  

Leanne paints because she is compelled to record her emotive responses to the world around her.  The world is complex, ever changing, oftentimes difficult but she tries to communicate an underlying sense of hope about the world's evolution and the future.