Alissa Duke


East Melbourne, Australia

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Artist statement

I am a watercolour pencil artist and Urban Sketcher.  I draw daily, documenting everyday events and objects and travels in my life. I will sketch for five minutes at a bus stop, or for half an hour while having coffee, or complete a drawing over a few nights at home.  I carry my sketchbook, watercolour pencils and pen with me everywhere as there is always something to draw! My art captures the character of the object I draw, connecting it with the viewer. I also am part of a global  Urban Sketchers movement, and I continue to document my world as a sketchbook journal artist. I give Sketching with Watercolour Pencil classes, have a range of printed greeting cards and have exhibitions of my journals. I also have exhibitions of "You Can't Draw in Books" where I draw in books that are about to be discarded.