Gennifer Anderson


Albion Park, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Multi Media Art, Mural Art, New Media, Painting

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Artist statement

As a ‘constructor’ of art I build in layers using a wide variety of media including acrylic, oil, sand, paper, shells, found objects and resin with resin being part of the artwork and the glue that holds the work together. Resin enriches the colour and protects the work with a glass like coat. It also allows me greater freedom to experiment with media, supports and surface preparation.

I am most interested in pushing the boundaries of the resin to explore the possibilities of form and texture and to create unique fine art rather than producing a faultless finish. I am more likely to break the rules of resin work than follow them just to see what will happen. Therefor the end result is never defined.

I am equally captivated by the random arrangements of nature and the concept of belonging. My works investigate connecting to others through creativity and are the depiction of memories of emotion, time and place.

Art is a great source of joy for me and outside the sanctuary of my own home and family, I feel most comfortable in creative spaces and with other creatives. I take every opportunity to surround myself with creatives, creativity and creative opportunities within the limits of a natural tendency to isolate and create.