Gennifer Anderson


Albion Park, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Multi Media Art, Mural Art, New Media, Painting

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Artist statement

I use various materials and supports, often reclaimed,  experimentally to create my work with aspects of resin. I am exploring digital art to extend the application of my art. The same principles of layering and multimedia apply resulting in an ethereal style.

I use acrylics, oils and collage as I work through the layers of the story I’m creating then draw, stencil, sand or polish areas creating depth. What’s eliminated of the image is as relevant as what’s added.

My work responds to the environment and concepts of belonging to evoke relatable memories. I’m drawn to waterways and gardens, creating non-linear images of flora and fauna in the sea and sky, allowing for individual interpretation. My aim is to present a bold other worldly first impression to engage, with detail that holds you. I find my recognisable images foster a respectful response while the quirkiness brings connection and joy.