Paulina Campos


Mont Albert Nth, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Multi Media Art, Painting

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

I paint as this is  the only  way I can tell stories whether real or imaginary. My art practice involves image appropriation; I often wonder what would the purpose be of creating everything from scratch when continuously I am surrounded by screens and images. My practice engages with different media, collage, acrylic paint, stills from my own videos, drawings and large format prints.  I use photo manipulation software in order to attain a particular effect inviting multiple interpretations and creating an alternative reality where different time lines co-exist.  

My art practice  depicts and considers fading memories and experiences and as I engage in mark making and begin to fill in the “the blank canvass” I decide how to remember; I attempt at capturing and freezing a moment, that moment when people smile at the lens of posterity. Every moment, every experience continuously dissolves and loses sharpness; voices, colors and shapes. My process brings up questions about myself, otherness and belonging.  

Recently a friend made the following comment about my work “a time in the past, immortalized and eerily silent today, it makes me feel nostalgic and strangely, emotional! I believe that her words sum up my practice very well.