Rosalie Duligal


Sutherland Shire , Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Ceramics, Drawing, Installation Art, Painting, Printmaking

Art level career

Mid career


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Biography Rosalie Duligal.

After many years of study within the fine arts and gaining many papers and then a Bachelor of Art to my Master of Arts. I find my passion has always been painting in oils and watercolour. I paint many subjects, from portraits, landscape and still life. I spend many hours paintig in my own atelier, which is the home of my ideas and creations. I think my works are different in that they come from my imagination rather than a photograph. Travelling and looking at what surrounds and provokes me generally ends up on canvas. I was once asked what painting means to me and I answered ‘beauty.’ Colours are important how they sit together on the linen canvas, or paper, which I keep a secret until finished. My works are not always very large as most people in smaller dwellings and large works maybe be to hard to hang, so I tend to keep on the scale of the medium sized frame. Painting and creating are so much of life I have to do every day, or I feel that something is missing.