Isabella Chan


Kellyville, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Drawing, Illustration, Mural Art, Painting, Printmaking

Art level career


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Artist statement

Using pencil and ink pens I like to draw the embodiment of my dreams and ideas. They usually take the form of characters or beings performing tasks and being within a moment in another world. The leaves, flowers and other elements of my drawings become a visual text that describe the meaning of my pieces, conveying emotions and ideas. For me art is a form of escapism and self expression that is very personal and usually gives me insights into my own self awareness. My pieces are a real insight into my thoughts and state of being.


Hi there! I'm always open for a chat! Message me here or on any of my socials. I'm serious about my art but not too much, I'm always learning when I can, never went to a proper art school, 100% self taught out of interest and spiritual necessity :) I'm open to any opportunities to get out there and get amongst it I suppose! 


Instagram - @isabellachanart
Facebook - @isabellachanart