Janine Hall


WAVERLEY, Australia

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Artist statement

I am entranced with the water that surrounds me and love to capture its many mysteries and moods. It is an endless source of freedom, joy, foreboding, love, relaxation, calm and energy. 

I want the viewer to FEEL something, anything. I love to connect the viewer to the landscape in a way that brings pleasure, emotion, joy, curiosity - a place to contemplate the image as seen by them alone. We all experience art and imagery so differently, and that is the true wonder of art. It is never experienced in the same way by any 2 people. 

I am open to any and all project opportunities or exhibitions, and am a serious and committed artist. I came to art to treat depression, and it has become my medicine, my joy, my love, and the reactions from the viewing public are exhilarating.