Mary-Anne Stuart


COBURG, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking

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Artist statement

In creating artworks, I am very much driven by a need to see colour and texture in front of me and the intricacies of form and pattern in the banksia (in nature in general really, but it's the banksia that is my special muse) are such a ripe source of inspiration. Using a variety of media - paints, pencils, ink, marker pens, pastels and methods including collage and printmaking - I work mostly on wood panel, canvas and paper to create artworks that a) I have enjoyed making, b) give me pleasure to view and c) give others pleasure in viewing too (and in that order of importance). I am a curious person, always discovering something new and I am often trying to share that find or curiosity with others, as well as the beauty and amazingness of nature.