Melanie Olde


Spence, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Textile & Fibre Art

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Mid career


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Artist statement

The inspiration for much of my current work comes from growing up curiously looking through a microscope at thin slivers of plant cells. I noticed the well-packed arrangement of cells that seamlessly tesselate in a not-quite-perfect arrangement. Researching these patterns, and those of other cell-packing structures, I discovered that the shapes are predominately hexagonal, even though they often appear brick-like at first.

Taking this inspiration through to my weaving, I have most recently been investigating how to create 3-dimensional structures in multi-layered woven cloth.

While my inspirations can vary, my work always aims to elicit a curious sumptuous feeling from the viewer and, through functional art, the wearer. Colour, texture, and layering are always features of my work.

I am most excited in opportunities that can challenge me to communicate an idea in cloth, whether that is abstract, pictorial, sculptural or wearable.