Michelle Kurth


Sunshine Coast, Australia

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Contemporary, Installation Art, Textile & Fibre Art

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Artist statement

I first started tapestry weaving six years ago and was immediately drawn to the stillness and calm it evoked within me. Weaving for me is a type of meditation. My background is in Graphic Design, and in my weaving I am often drawn to bold colours and shapes.

Since learning how to blend colours with yarn I am fascinated with the comparison of preparing colours and tints on paper for print, to the subtle colour change and blends that can be achieved in tapestry weaving.

Part of my weaving has been exploring the relationship between the woven and unwoven weft. On one level there is the control and precision of the woven thread on the front, and then the unpredictability of the usually unseen weft on the reverse. This creates two dialogues, and a visual contrast.I have used this style of weaving to help me to illustrate water in a woven form. The front takes on the part of the visible surface, and the unruly reverse becomes the darker, secretive river bed.

I am also an artist facilitator working with artists with learning disabilities. The artists are always an inspiration to me; their work often spontaneous and uncontrived. This work has lead to me to more community-based projects. I am currently exploring ‘Weaving with Waste’, a new area of my working weaving with plastics that can’t be recycled.