Kelly Slater


Railton, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Installation Art, Multi Media Art, New Media, Photography

Art level career


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Artist statement

I am a lens-based artist living in Northwest Tasmania. My art practise explores image making that goes beyond conventional representations of landscape and environment. Instead, I seek to offer personal interpretation of the human connection to Place.
My work usually begins with a camera and time spent immersed in the topography of a place; I research the landscape, written word and human connections. The output of the work depends on my response, it may be physical prints, projection or installation, a collaboration or combination of these.
I feel compelled to photograph and record the environments I experience, the people I connect with and their relationship to place. I want to express the experience and emotion of place/country/environment from within, not the external view.I am an emerging or early career artist; I am always looking for opportunities to extend and broaden my practise, to engage with other artists and artisans on projects and exhibitions which reference concepts of: place, environment, decolonisation and gender equality.