Shona Hutchings


Coolbellup, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Multi Media Art, Painting, Printmaking, Textile & Fibre Art

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Artist statement

An emerging,  mixed media artist, Shona has a serious colour addiction and is a self-confessed texture junky.

"Art feels like a natural extension of myself and of life, says Shona. " I create because I'm compelled to."

"I use art to express the inter-connectedness between myself and all living things. I enjoy seeing what emerges from the canvas rather than starting with an idea."

Shona applies layers of collage, acrylic and inks to the canvas or paper. She sometimes uses natural pigments found on nature walks.

Shona then intuitively curates what she sees on the canvas, accentuating images that appear through the layers and thus creating vibrant impressionist art.
She then develops or covers over areas, to assist a more cohesive synthesis in the artwork.