Nada Murphy


Wembley, Perth, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Drawing, Jewelry, Painting, Printmaking

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

My work investigates stories in the landscape and the connections of people to the land.

I paint, draw, print, build forms in glass, work with textiles and write.

Contemporary life is many ways disconnects people from the land so the art works pull that back into contemporary consciousness. The land is integrally connected to the question "Who walked here before?" and the lasting or transient imprint of humanity, with water stories being the thread than transcends.

I am digging into the layers of story that our country tells, building a deeper understanding of and respect for the country we walk and working with people to help them build creativity , establish creative identities and explore ideas.

I  enjoy collaborative projects that promote a sense of wellbeing and community.  

My work can be found :