Anna Jackson


Brisbane, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Multi Media Art, Paper Art, Sculpture, Textile & Fibre Art

Art level career


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Artist statement

I make collages and small 3D works mainly inspired by nature and the effect that human activity has upon it.  My work highlights the beauty of the small things in our natural environment and considers what nature may look like if it were to absorb what we throw away.  Would nature merge with the litter and landfill to become something different and new?  Would it be worse for it or just different? 

I use reclaimed materials such as newspaper, single use plastics and found natural objects like seedpods.  I enjoy the challenge of using found materials and like the idea that my work might decompose quickly if it’s no longer wanted.

I'd be happy to be involved in group exhibitions or call-outs.  After a number of years working as a designer/maker in London I'm currently just enjoying my time in the studio making whatever I'm feeling curious to make.