Rose Agnew


Windsor , Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Ceramics, Contemporary, Drawing, Installation Art, Jewelry, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes painting, sculpture, gold and silversmithing, botanical illustration, and embroidery.  I am also a published writer, sometimes piano player and maker of ornate and whimsical cakes.  And while it is challenging to find a defining descriptor for my work, it is safe to say that I have an intense love of beauty and of the practice of making, both of which are fueled by an equally passionate inquiry into our shared world and human experiences.

I work in a dynamic shared artists’ studio in Windsor, Victoria and my work can be found on Instagram under the handle rose_agnew, and on my website

Using recycled precious metals, natural ethical gems, and reclaimed materials I hand make objects of unique beauty.  Age-old traditions of oil painting, sculpture and handmade jewelry and adornment is alive and well in my Melbourne studio.  I feel a connectedness with artists and makers throughout history and across cultures, and so often contemplate the ancient technologies and methods which I use every day, whether in gold smithing, or paint mixing.  At the same time, I love how new tools and digital technologies can be incorporated into aspects of my art practice. 

As a multi-skilled maker with an interest in history, science, nature and the arts, I have a lot to draw upon for influence and inspiration.  My diverse interests reflect the multitude of styles in which I work, but which could be roughly grouped into a few broad themes.  These include historical influences from the ancient world, the role of plants and nature in our contemporary environment, an imagined and austere future modernity,and finally, whimsy, which is all the odds and ends, experimental and playful pieces which need a home, but don’t know where they really belong.

 My awareness of the responsible use of resources motivates me to maximize the potential of my materials, and to create as little waste as possible, while revealing the inherent beauty of my materials in unique objects of adornment, sculpture, or images.