Xandra Connelley


Rose Bay, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Painting, Photography, Textile & Fibre Art

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Artist statement

My work is a response to the natural occurrence of the order of things. Each piece is made using a procedure or code and the end result is unpredicted. Colours and shapes end up next to each other due to the positioning of the letter or the selection of numbers. The works commence with sacred geometry or ancient symbols that relate to the theme of universal love, love comes in many shapes or forms and ultimately love is our life force. 

I really enjoy shapes and patterns especially the random semblances that appear when I use the flags for letters. As a result, letters end up alongside each other with similar colours and interesting patterns appear in the process. The end results are unpredictable where large configurations of one colour emerge and I would have at no time arranged them in such a way. But as much as you plan you can never have complete control of everything.

The intention of my work is to convey small inspirational messages either about universal concerns or the environment. I am an avid environmentalist and it appears art is an effective way to convey important messages to an audience. 

I am interested in contributing to exhibitions that challenge climate change and environmental issues. I enjoy community projects and have organised and worked on several murals where we involve many people who take part. It is very enjoyable to see how much everybody gains when they help contribute to a mural for the community.