Yudha Scholes


Box Hill, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Drawing, New Media, Painting

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Artist statement

I love to go to nature.  I have been exploring the qualities of natural environments, from the random growth of branches and sublime reflections of rivers to the vibrant optimism of the sun shining over a hillside as a painter for many years. All nourishment and beauty come from the earth, sun and the ocean and I feel revitalised in it. It is at once obvious and infinitely subtle, the perfect muse.

Recently I have become concerned with the threats that anthropogenic climate change and human development pose to the natural world. I have found that by digitizing and manipulating my pictures I am able to use a laser-cutter to burn these images into natural material such as wood, paper and canvas. With piercing precision, smoke and flames, this machine draws my image into my prepared surface and adds a sense of  the destructive brutality that the climate poses to these once pristine environmental scenes. 

These experiments are progressing rapidly and I am excited by the many layers of meaning they offer. I am currently planning to scale these works up into larger, mural size artworks to  convey a sense of the power and the importance of these matters.

I am open to commissions or opportunities to exhibit my artworks, especially large murals.