Evelien Heyning


City Beach, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Sculpture, Printmaking

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Artist statement

Climate Change Australia
Using the 'cuteness' factor of Australia's iconic kangaroo to engage the viewer. Then hopefully raising the question of why they are in this unusual position and what I can do about it. 

Kangaroo on Coal; Coal usage is linked to sea-level rise. By pulling the plug on coal (which is attached to the floating kangaroo), the sea levels will cease to rise and a life buoy will possibly not be needed. 
Swimming Lessons: rising sea-level means that our kangaroos will need to up their swimming capabilities or will need to be handed some sort of survival device to cope with the changing living environment. 

Logs coming down the river
Highlighting the issue of global deforestation and honouring the forest rangers protecting our valuable forests. 
Emphasising and using the materiality of rag paper by embossing a print inspired by logs coming down a river. This creates an image with a tactile experience for the eyes. Gold and iridescent paint is further used to communicate the value and fragility of forests. 
The blue and gold logs represent and honour forest rangers who got killed in October 2019 while protecting our forest against illegal logging. I found 3 in media posts but most likely more forest rangers became victim. Not all deaths appear in the media. 

Ode to the Orphan Sock series
Inspired by lonely or orphan socks that live in my laundry room. 

Guiding lines serve
Inspired by marking on streets, parking lots, factory floors and sportsfields.
Using factory floor safety marking tape to create a highly contrasting colourful wall hanging. 

As an art student I experiment with many different techniques and materials. Starting to get a preference for printing and sculpture. Colour and simplicity are elements in many of my works.