Jenny Davis


Yarra Valley, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Drawing, Installation Art, Object design, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Textile & Fibre Art

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

Jenny Davis - Outlook8studio

In researching and documenting under-structure, abandoned buildings and marks left behind in the environment, I find ‘beauty in decay, random marks and weathered surfaces’. My artworks link to the contrasts of imperfections, found in the urban environment, highlighting, insignificant marks, weathered surfaces and cast-offs. I am influenced by, abandoned, underground and derelict spaces,vacant industrial sites, structures, old walls & graffiti.

What was your first experience with/discovery of art? What made you want to become an artist?
As a child growing up in Melbourne Australia, my family were poor, so for fun, I would collect things from the street to play with. Very often I would take the bits and pieces, pull them apart and re-make them into small gifts for my mum.

At age 12, on my first trip to the National Gallery of Victoria, I saw a black painting with a little white dot in the middle. I knew I loved it but didn't know why. As it turns out my first exhibition in 1996, was at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Are there any key themes, messages or theories behind your work?
My abstractions are investigations into marks and traces left behind in the natural and urban environment. I explore neglected corners, crevices and abandoned spaces and objects and see beauty in decay, rust, random marks, aerial perspectives, graffiti and weathered surfaces.

I explore the layers of lifetimes, revealing the unspoken, unheard and the unseen. History, religion, politics, disruption, conflict, world &human condition, nature, decay, loss & renewal, are just some of the themes, I explore.

Could you tell us a bit about your artistic approach? (Style, medium and specific techniques.)
I am an abstract painter and texture features strongly in my paintings. Space is important in my work as it allows for marks and images to be more relevant and upfront.

I also like to work with old and new surfaces to reveal subtle and obvious areas.
I'm interested in non objective images, marks that fight each other and opposites
Sometimes, layers dissolve to allow underwork to emerge.

Recycling materials is also very important in my work too. Found objects become sculptural elements, antique book pages are embedded in layers of paint, while concrete and laces co-exist. I create sculpture, collage, artists books and textile/fiber arts, from vintage paper and antique textiles. 

What kind of exhibition or project opportunities are you open to?

I am open to all kinds of exhibitions and art opportunities