Ali Griffin


Badger Creek, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Installation Art, Jewelry, Multi Media Art, Sculpture

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

Ali Griffin is a practising artist with a strong reputation for diverse, multi-dimensional artworks which have been showcased in public art installations, such as the McClelland Sculpture Gallery & Park, The Yering Sculpture Show, The Memo (Healesville) Foyer, and the Burrinja Biennale, and through solo and group exhibitions. She has been commissioned to make public sculpture by Councils, the Lions Club, and the Toolangi Sculpture Trail.

In her arts practice, Ali is interested in creating work that has meaning and connection to the viewer, and art for social change. She believes art can touch people deeper than they know, and delights in the challenge of making this happen. Ali explores progressive responses within her art through the use of multiple mediums, up-cycled objects, sustainable practices and site specific considerations which combine to enhance the final piece.

Her 20 years background in Advertising and Design in senior creative roles, and as an arts worker, has culminated in vast experience to creatively and appropriately respond to a design brief and deliver multi-facetted public communications through her artwork.

Ali’s ability to engage, hear and interpret information across a range of stakeholders make her a collaborative contributor aware of the requirements of project delivery within the public arts space.

She brings to any brief her unique ability to speak directly to cultural significance through accessible narratives, essential for public art installations and community precinct activations.