Kim Percy


Daylesford , Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Multi Media Art, Contemporary, Drawing

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

The space 'between' is where I like to play. Not one medium or another but where each discipline meets, transgresses and converges. I often explore areas of political or environmental topics such as climate change, refugees and life cycles like motherhood. Art is a vehicle to push boundaries, pose difficult questions and open dialogues that may spark interest with a wide audience. Recently, I have been making art within the public sphere which allows me to reach audiences who may not connect with art.

My art is influenced by my work as a graphic designer. There is an clear sense of balance, colour and aesthetic that holds my work together and allows me to talk about issues like water pollution through the seduction of beauty.

I visualise my art like stances in a poem or song. Each piece works in with the next and individually can stand alone but together it tells a tale. I am interested in working with other artists to curate exhibitions and be able to tell more complex stories. I am wanting to expand my audience, create more significant exhibitions and challenge my creative self into larger projects.