Ash Coates


Fitroy North, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Multi Media Art, New Media, Painting

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Artist statement

Our actions play a major role in the functioning of the environment and our health. I believe that, in the near future, a symbiosis between nature and technology, will give us insight into new ways to optimise our wellbeing and relationship with the land by tapping into the function of fungi and bacteria within the human body and the landscape.

My work is deeply grounded in an exploration in all things “below the surface” and since 2004-2005, I have been particularly interested in the work of the Mycologist Paul Stamets and his 2005 publication “Mycelium Running”, in which he talks in detail about the relationships between humans, the landscape and fungi. Also, in keeping up to date with the latest movements in the world of health and fitness, I have become aware of the importance of cellular health and gut bacteria in keeping a healthy mind and body.

I make paintings, animations and installations to reflect on these ideas, connect the dots and explore the parallels between the function of these microbial networks and systems within the environment and throughout our body.