Ash Coates


Fitroy North, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Multi Media Art, New Media, Painting

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Artist statement

Underscoring the interconnectedness of all beings, objects, and ideas, both good and bad, I seek to dissolve the boundaries that separate humanity from the material world, emphasizing the shared experiences and entangled destinies that intertwine us with our surroundings.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, and my practice involves, but is not limited to, painting, animation/video, installation and digital art. Across these mediums my goal is to breathe life into the inanimate, inviting viewers to contemplate both physical and psychological transformation and plasticity, as well as the intelligence and agency that may exist within synthetic materials.

While gleaning reference materials from the landscape, personal events, mythology and science fiction\horror films, my works are an exercise in exploring the weird worlds that exist beneath the surface and exposing them as multi layered and fastidious renderings. Often using tropes and metaphors from a broad range of sources, I explore weird biological and social phenomena while straddling both traditional and non-traditional techniques and blurring the line between what is natural and what is unnatural.