Maria Paterson


Ocean shores, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Drawing, Multi Media Art, Painting

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

My artwork is process based using mixedmedia on paper and canvas. I often start the first layers with ink and watercolour to express my thoughts and feelings of my experiences  of the world. Using intuition as a direct way as possible,
 I make unintentional marks with found feathers from my surrounds. For it is within the results of these forms and textures that i find the shape of the artwork. As it develops I seek a balance and unity of defined and undefined space. I don’t see the empty spaces as negative shapes but rather a place that plays between presence and absence knowing and unknowing leading to a physic space of possibilities. The duality of light and dark mingle in passages that both converge and separate

I see the surface as an exploration of energy and light informed by my journeys into the natural world and my thoughts of world at large. The subtle relationship between nature , subconscious memory and my human existence.

I am interested in exhibition opportunities