James McGrath


Alexandria, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Multi Media Art, New Media, Painting, Sound Artist, Traditional

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Mid career


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Artist statement

Drawing from baroque sensibilities, I engage with layers of historical imagery, digital media and traditional art making. Behind the illusion of light and shadow that play in the folds of his drapes, religious and mythical themes reflect Baroque theatricality. My works are in themselves a library, hosting books crusted with age, specimens of natural history and sensuous 17th century paintings. 

My own history is folded between architecture and painting, it was working as a lecturer of architecture that I discovered the Baroque as a solution to the void space that plagues computer modelling systems. Continuing my examination of atmosphere and spatial abstraction, I immersed himself in the works of late 17th Century Jesuit Brother Andrea Pozzo, whose use of pictorial illusion adorn the Church of Sant'Ignazio in Rome. The results are luscious terrains on canvas, where bright bursts of flowers float and narratives entwine with the sensuality of ancient masterpieces.


At the moment I am working on science based art works, using large datasets to create virtual forests (Nature as data). I longer description can be found at: www.natureasdata.com