Deb K Williams


BRUNSWICK , Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Multi Media Art, Contemporary, Drawing, Collage

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Artist statement

I have a multi-discipline art practice that includes installation, drawing, collage and digital photography. My work includes drawings, photographs, diagrams and templates and collections of three-dimensional ‘samples’ and small hand crafted proto-types. My installation work is characterised by the desire to experiment with materials and processes, to use assemblage and collage to create unexpected connections and to use materials that are often mundane, discarded or redundant. I draw upon textile, casting and modelling traditions and incorporate processes such as stitching, incising, puncturing, tessellating, rug making, wrapping, knotting and weaving. Materials include an assortment of papers, felt, cassette and VHS tape, oil, plasticine, salt, sand, threads, cement, rope and mud. Most recently I have created textile works exploring the connection between stitching, weaving and drawing and the contemplative, meditative nature of these activities.