Karen Preston


Drouin, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Drawing, Multi Media Art, Painting, Sculpture

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Artist statement

My artworks are everyday elsewhere spaces. For me, art making offers potential for finding new solutions to enduring problems, whatever these may be. My artworks engage with the abstract and incidental in and beyond everyday life. By attending to momentary intersections and sensations I explore how the immediate intertwines with history, culture, belief, gender, identity and the natural environment. For example, when making an artwork, I might aim to apprehend the way light passes through a conversation, the sensation of rising seas and flooding waterways due to climate change, the depth of time as we pause for thought, the shape of layered emotions arising from colour and texture, the feeling of dissipating into a landscape, or the beauty to be found in plastic waste. The six paintings here are from my Perennial Winter series, which explores flows of coldness and wetness in an  environment altered by inundation. 

I recently had a solo show titled plasticity at the Switchback Gallery, Churchill, Victoria. All of the works were made from household plastic waste collected over 12 months. See my website for more details about the Plastic Waste Project, and images of the exhibition. karenmareepreston.com