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(73) Penelope Le Petit – How We Get the News | Stay in and Stream| My Daily Feed

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How We Get the News | Stay in and Stream| My Daily Feed
Online Updated Coronavirus Pandemic News, Stay In and Stream, Get Tough with Coronavirus, Virus of Complacency, Stay Home, #iso desk #iso bar, Twitter, Home School Snacks, Wash Hands, Uncertain Times, Cover your Sneeze, Bin the Tissue, Toilet Paper, Worse Case Scenario, Avoid Crowds, Borders Closed, Two Weeks Self Isolation, #Quarantinis, #Sanny, Corona Moaner, #Coronials, #Pandemial babies, Gloves, Masks, COVID Safe Economy, Flatten the Curve, Job Keeper, Job Seeker, Boomer Remover, Pinterest, Reimagining Overseas Travel, Frightened Consumer, Infection Rates, Working from Home, Invisible Enemy, YouTube, Fake News , #Magpied, Gloved Up , PPE, Screen Time, NEWS NEWS, Zoom Overload, Social Distancing, Booze, Binges and Bad Food, All in this Together, Facebook, Mask or Respirator, No Rent, No Eviction, Zoom Bombing, BCV before corona virus, Keep Finding the Silver Lining, #shop local, Safety is When Nothing Happens, Avoid crowds, LinkedIn, Home Work if you can, COVID safe application, Reentry Syndrome. Get All the Up To date Information.

About Penelope

As a plate lithographer I combine hand drawn, digital and collaged components into my hand printed lithographic process. My aim is to produce a hybrid image; one that maintains some qualities of an original print with the added character of contemporary mark marking. Common themes include issues of migration, community life and contemporary reinterpretations of history.

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Penelope was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
Industries that serve our everyday needs
How we get the News