Plate 82

(77) Isabella Chan – Citizen

About this Artwork
Price: $250 AUD

For this exhibit I re-created a rendition of Little Red Riding Hood focusing on key elements provided in my stimulus. I concentrated on the two overarching colours, red and green as well as the general construction of the image with Little Red wandering down the path to her Grandma’s house.

Within my piece I chose to focus on the path and her cape. Using the strong colour red to link my ideas, I wanted to highlight the importance of journey and motivation within the stimulus. In the piece I included the house, but kept it small and almost invisible as part of the pinnacle point in the green pattern block, showing that it is still the final destination of her journey. I also chose to place a large white flower in that area of the picture, almost acting like a large sun on the horizon to represent motivation, hope, ideas and dreams that fuel her on her path.

About Isabella

Using pencil and ink pens I like to draw the embodiment of my dreams and ideas. They usually take the form of characters or beings performing tasks and being within a moment in another world. The leaves, flowers and other elements of my drawings become a visual text that describe the meaning of my pieces, conveying emotions and ideas.

For me art is a form of escapism and self expression that is very personal and usually gives me insights into my own self awareness. I also use my artwork as an outlet to help fuel my day to day creativity within my day job as a graphic designer and allows me to explore visual connections that assist in inspiration.

My art process is very free flowing and instantaneous. Very rarely do I map out every intricacy that I include within my pieces, I generally have an overarching idea with minimal guides. As a result my art is a problem solving, puzzle-like process where most of the work is freehand and ‘mistakes’ are pathways to a new direction for the piece.

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Isabella was provided with the following page from 
Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
Fun with colours.
Fig 13